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Monday, January 24, 2011

Went birdpark with Jia xin to visit Weili(AKA half KJK half Yooruce Willis) =P..
It was an enjoyable and fun day out =)..


@ e Bridge with jx=)
Penguins! *Learned that not all species of penguins needs to be chilled! These cute little ones are outside the sun! But with the presence of water of course =D
Highest Man made waterfall.. and thats in Singapore =)

SPECIALLY LOVE THIS PHOTO.. Can't believe my baby took it! =D ..QUEK!

Weili and Me

Weili is selling these birds.. for $15.. and to my surprise and amazement.. quite a no. of tourist actually bought it! COOL!
Oh well.. Jx took this.. and its like.. wth!..

Can't deny the fact that they are hot.. but wth! LOL dam stalker can!

Fierce.. Rawr..
Inspirar High tea @Furama Hotel =)!

Me and benny

Okay.. I look like a parrot here.. its weird =(.. and my hair sucks.. hate it.. Jx forbids me to wear beanie on that day.. dang!
Jx and Me =D Polaroid it! Benny with a super super .. super duper spastic face LOL
Inspirar team =) We INSPIRE GREATNESS!

The food is nice.. and thanks Inspirar for this treat and the special moment we have..

And we went for a Movie Hereafter @ Plazasing.. but before that..


Chingkit brought us to PRIZE STAGE! Its a soft toy hooking paradise!

With just 20+ dollars he got these !

Oh wait.. is that it?



AND HE GOT THIS! STITCH !!!! HOLY SHEIT! WICKED SICK! ..GOU OWNING MA? The first two person who came up my mind is Weili and Wendy..

Such Stitch lovers!
He gave Jx these 2 mousy=D =P.. So cute =P

My poor Yoshi on my right hand..

Simon taking photo with the
Yoshi (Chingkit gave it to me)
Stitch (Chingkit gave it to Jieheng in exchange with a HEREAFTER MOVIE TICKET)
And the STITCH'S soft toy (Chingkit gave it to Benny)
LOL.. wooo.. everyone is happy now =D..

Polaroid with Stitch and Benny! BROMANCE!
Jx's cuties =)
And Basically that's it =)))
Really enjoyed myself these days..

Bout ta enlist soon...

Life's gonna be different..

Some of my friends say its mundane in there..

Owell..shall just hope for the best



Thanks for reading.. love you peeps =) <3
3:02 AM

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm an enthusiastic individual who loves dancing.. singing.. music.. and most of all performing..

I believe that 1 gd show.. could change everything.. your life.. theirs.. and mine..

We all have dreams.. but not all have the chance to fulfill it.. well. I might just be one of them.. at least not for the time being..

When.. having this dreams.. you hope to have a soul mate.. someone who believes in you.. someone who supports you in doing whatever you'd dreamed of..

Well it's hard to find one.. and the thing is.. they aren't usually your know.. lol.. coz mates are best at splashing cold water.. or throwing tantrum when you wanna do what you love.. and what you desire.. they just think what you are doing is just ta attract attention.. and they don't usually like that.. especially the protective ones.. and at this point of time.. u just feel that a fist has just shove up ur ass a couple of times.. but you just .. can't .. do anything.. about.. it..

As Singaporean saying..
SUA (Forget It in dialect)
OR BREAK (Break Up)

..And well.. the answer is often.. sua..

It's considered as a blessing if yours doesn't.. much less ta say that they are ACTUALLY supportive..

I do not have much talents.. well non .. if you were to really find one.. but.. somehow.. I ain't that kid who could just sit there quietly.. Doing what I love just makes me feel... exhilarated..

I'm also someone with low self esteem and is easily affected by comments(usually the bad ones).. however.. no matter how deep I am hurt.. I will try to hide it much as I can.. until the point that I really couldn't take it.. I would ask that person ta piss off..

It's never wrong to just be yourself .. is it?..

When you dress yourself.. with things... you could afford.. or things you like..and what you have..

Trying ta.. take a picture with it.. happy with the new things you have..

People will always find fault in it..

They are telling you things.. LIKE they know it.. like..

"you look dam cmi..(cannot make it)"

"you look dam beng..(gangster)"

but.. the question is.. do they?..=.=..

Well .. they are speaking like.. your body is theirs to hold.. what you portray yourself.. are theirs to control..

Now thats fked up.. Is it even wrong to just.. be yourself?..

Normally.. I would ask them to piss off..

But if its my gf.. I will just pinch her cheeks and smile.. but back in my mind.. I'm with a knife stabbing her ass.. and something else that is so harsh that I can't post it here..

Is it.. so hard.. to find something to praise about..


You are very pretty today..

Whens the last time that you have praised someone.. hmmm

Why do we.. always have to say harsh things..

Why do we always see the black dot.. instead of the whiteboard..

Why do we always say that a glass is half filled.. and not the otherwise..

Maybe thats human nature.. or at least.. thats whats happening in my social circle..

Maybe thats not a culture we all share..
=D I'm Delwin.. signing off.. =)
6:25 AM

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Woke up this afternoon... yes .. how unhealthy... afternoon.. and saw this outdoor matt that I was rinsing .. and had this sudden urge to go sentosa alone.. !

BUT DID I!? ain't that crazy enuff..

Rest abit.. nua abit.. den Dot-A with QING HEEEE..

Funs over.. went ta clean my shoe rack..

Vacuum Floor =D..LOLLOL.. My bro tot I was inspired by the show.. Penguin Daddy.. or sumthing..

And went ta clean the toilet.. omg.. can be quite taxing actually..

Being a housewife/husband is definitely not easy..

Ok.. tml shall be cupboards.. coz I'm way too tired..

Tmr IS FRIDAY!.. Wohoooo

*smirks.. (not like theres any difference..)

I wanna buy shoeeeeee.. my fred perry is ruin by my brothers.. Z.. this is one bad thing.. Its like outta shape..shucks..

Mom is returning from overseas trip today.. which means..

Mommy money.. mommy money~... (ahem.. I work for her as her 'personal assistant' like reading emails.. and handling money transactions and stuffs.. so I AIN'T TAT bad la hor =P..LOL)

No la.. just kidding.. of coz .. its the motherly love.. but seriously.. without my mum.. I wouldn't be as happy as I am now..

Just those little things she gives me... makes me feel like I'm the most fortunate child ever..

And of coz.. its tough for my dad to take care of this family too..

It ain't easy to be parent.. not to mention a good one..

Wonder what will I be like.. when I'm a father..

Well.. basically thats it.. !


Baby..Jiayou for your exam k=)) <3
6:34 AM

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Darn tired.. Have been cleaning the house for the past few days.. straight 7 hours yst.. and I feel like a freaking zombie now..

Been watching Running Man recently =D.. damm funny. Yooruce Willis as the hero for episode 13..rofl..

Variety shows can really brighten up ones day.. thats coz reality hasn't been nice as we grow..

Work.. Friends.. Family.. ain't as perfect as those in drama series..or as happening.. happy or funny in sitcoms..

Life used to be easy.. without materialism and difference.. incomparable views.. friends quarreling over small matter.. thinks that one is more superior den the other..

I dunno what's friends for when you take another one as an idiot? Thats a social phenomenon now.. which doesn't really happen in the past.. where we can proudly stand up and say.. we have true friends..

2 years later and its time for Uni..(SIM FTW)

And than to the society..

And things cld be worst.. so gotta adapt quick...

Few ppl may ask why am i not working.. lazy isn't the reason (well it is.. partly)

But for now.. I just wanna do what I can for this family.. helping with chores.. and everything.. and just enjoy the time I have with my friends and my love ones..

Christmas is comingggggg! ..

Owell.. gotta spend eve and the day itself with miss you know who..

AHH... the thought of it.. is.. really .. great=)...


I mean it.. =D.. IT will definitely be awesome..

And now I'm in a dilemma for countdown 2011.. as my sis is holding a Housewarming Cum Countdown party on that day ...

While I wanna spend that day with my friends..with all the liquors and chillaxation i promised.. But missing out the enjoyment of perfect escapade in my sis's new condo as a guest rather than a host (the difference is cleaning the mess after my friends left.. like last year... well this year I don't have "maid" to help me =( because she refuse to she's in Uni she has higher charge rate.. I can't afford! which means I have ta clean alone! Oh ehm gee)..

Still.. owell..

Tml gotta start cleaning my shoe rack.. cupboards.. nights buddy=)
10:05 AM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sometimes I wonder what the hell is school for when you have a semi deaf teacher..

And when you ask questions.. she treats you like a retard

Giving you the face.. "What an IDIOT he is to ask me this question"

And then SHE gives you a wrong answer..

errr.. cld be a HE though =X..

Cld be..

I'm just saying.. =)

Can't blame me for not going ta school eh?

since school suck big time (Well at least for me)

When such ridiculous shit is happening.. fking shiet..

Ah well.. shall go to school tml since there ARE still good teachers..

But is tomorrow a gd day to go ta sch?? hmmmm .. with 4 hours of chemistry...

hmmm let me think... great.. shall not ask any questions =)

Spent whole day doing CHEM.. and guess what... PROGRESS ?.. NON ..

Geezuz .. guess this time round is gonna be the same..


4:22 AM

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rise and SHINE ! HI BLOG =D.. LOL

Not sure if i had slept though... coz just had a htht to weili bout...

You know.. stuffs..


Prelim was shitty..

Tiring.. and stuffs..

Haven been gyming for quite some time and feels like .. my fats are becoming more saturated..

Life's tiring.. and I'm getting out of shape..

Srsly losing youth..

When I'm like 19.. I'm saying this.. wonder what will it be like when I'm 20 plus .. LOL

Gd thing is I GOT A LAPPY =D ..WOOTS..

LOL... yeah.. so next is get a laptop bag, hardisk and external lappy fan =D..

Just waiting for the day.. when I can pursue my dream.. which hopefully can be my career...

And the next thing I do.. is go home.. into my simple and empty house..


Lie on a sofa of the colour I like ...

That it is comfy enuf ... ta satisfy me..

And 200 lap swim at night.. chill out...

Go to the sauna after that.. (thats the best thing after swim)

Get home.. Tuck myself in bed..

Close my eyes..

Rest my mind.. Thinking bout nothing..

and just .. sleeep.. sleep like there's nothing in this world that concerns me.. that nothing else matters..

And just.. think bout nothin'

And.. rest in.. peace..

Without my grandma asking me to eat every 10 minutes.. even though I've told her that I've eaten.. LOL..

Without the disturbing sound of that pathetic vacuum cleaner..

With a room.. for myself..

My own.. my own .. fking room
7:04 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inception, Street Dance & SALT

These are the movies that I have watched =D.. Street Dance is dammmmmmm nice i swear.. and the girl is .. smokin' hot .. I mean .. if I'm Jay(the bastard bf in the show).. theres no way I'm letting such a hot girl go la =.= .. don't make sense sia.. LOL..ok anyway .. and Inception is a must watch movie.. if you didn't watch Inception .. it is almost = to you never watch some true movie b4.. srs.. Renjie .. srs.. Weili's AA dam imba.. srs..

Street Dance

!Watched with Weili and Chunyong @ Westmall

!Watched with Jaystine the MF..LOL.. Zhen Yuan, Kai fen, Serene and Tabitha @ JP

Salt is also nice.. but.. it all depends on Salt 2.. =P

!Watched with Weili @ Westmall
Owns .. just own.. LOL.. It is a must watch movie..

ok..gtg slp.. guess the panadol is wearing off.. nights

PS.. and obviously .. I'm addicted to SHINee's LUCIFER
Both the song and the dance.. OMG OMG OMG..

8:57 AM




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